We bring brands to life

Moore Baker helps aspirational companies—brands with true conviction— become thought leaders and market leaders. We give them an authentic voice through storytelling, communication strategies and relationship building.

Storytelling is the essence of brand development. Customers are looking to understand WHY a brand is different not simply WHAT features are different and that’s the essence of the brand story.

Jeffrey CrowStorytelling is the Essence of Brand Development

Our Expertise

25 years experience

Creating strategic PR programs for clients such as AT&T, Cisco, HP, Kodak, LifeProof and others.

Global presence

Our clients are global in reach and include several brands that have literally invented a market category.

Long-lasting belief

Companies with stories rooted in their brand foundations create stronger rust and loyalty with customers and stakeholders.

Unique values and vision

We give a unique and compelling voice to their values and vision—and the promise their brands hold for customers.

Close relationships

Through close relationships we ensure the brand stories we develop get seen, heard and taken seriously.

Look Inside

Our success stories over the past 20+ years include leading lifestyle and technology brands

Recent case studies for our clients and press coverage

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Difference we make in our brands’ lives

Brand Tree Model

We use a proprietary four-step process based on our rooted- brand tree model

Roots Discovery

We extract the roots of a company’s brand and articulate a compelling story

Long-term Relationships

We forge long-term strategic relationships to ensure engagement and loyalty.
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Brands we brought to life

While we have worked in a broad range of industries, we have especially deep experience in building consumer technology companies into lifestyle brands. Our brand experience includes:

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